VIRAL: Erwan and Anne’s ‘eating triangle’ is relatable to any parent


Posted at Nov 30 2020 05:58 PM

MANILA — Feeding an infant is an undertaking that needs patience and mastery, going by a viral photo of first-time parents Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff.

The celebrity couple has been chronicling their milestones as a new family since welcoming their “panganay,” Dahlia Amelie, in March.

For instance, Dahlia, in her eighth month, can now be fed mashed or pureed food — with most recipes courtesy of her restaurateur dad.


Feeding is an altogether different task after the meal preparation. For that, Curtis and Heussaff have apparently developed a system the latter has dubbed the “eating triangle.”

Heussaff illustrated that through a Facebook post over the weekend, with a photo showing Curtis feeding Dahlia, and Heussaff’s outstretched arm feeding his wife, forming the “triangle.”


“Pro tip. Master the eating triangle, when eating out with the baby. Dad feeds mom, mom feeds baby, no one feeds dad,” he wrote, in jest.

The photo quickly went viral, and as of writing already had some 275,000 reactions, nearly 8,000 comments, and 37,000 shares.


Many of the comments and shares appeared to be from parents tagging their spouses or partners, with some joking that Heussaff’s involvement in the “triangle” now left them wanting, and others saying they found the setup relatable.

Curtis, 35, and Heussaff, 33, have been in Melbourne, Australia since December 2019.

Curtis, a superstar in local showbiz, has said she intends to resume her TV and film career only once Dahlia turns a year old, at the earliest.

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