Dimples Romana reflects on 25 years with Star Magic


Posted at Nov 29 2022 12:25 AM

MANILA — Dimples Romana waxed sentimental Monday as she reflected on being with Star Magic for the past 25 years, following the talent agency’s recognition of her and others’ loyalty as it celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Romana, 38, was among the five artists of Star Magic who were given loyalty awards during the group’s Christmas-themed gathering at the Sheraton Manila Hotel in Pasay City on Sunday.

She was accorded a tribute and a trophy, alongside fellow pioneers Angelica Panganiban, Shaina Magdayao, Dominic Ochoa, and Nikki Valdez.

On Instagram, Romana shared a message of gratitude to those from ABS-CBN and Star Magic who have been instrumental to her success as an actress.

In the statement, she also recalled that her breakthrough did not come until late in her career, saying, “the path I took was unpopular.”

“I took the path of a character actress and did support for most my years before the golden years I didn’t even expect to come, came. I was happy and content doing support for many of my friends, characters that tagged me as best friend ng bayan, mommy of the upcoming stars, sister, cousin and friend that will deliver key lines in films and TV shows,” she said.

Relating a lesson from screen icon Vilma Santos which she still takes to heart today, Romana continued: “I was trained early on that no role is too small for an actor who can make a single line or scene make a mark in the hearts of his/her audience. As Mama @rosavilmasantosrecto told me way back, mahalin ko lang daw ang trabaho namin at tiyak na mamahalin din ako nito pabalik.

“She also meant to love, not only the job but every single person we work with both on and off cam, regardless of what position they have in the company. Na sa pagmamahal ng tunay, wala kang talo. Sa taong pinagkakatiwalaan mo ng puso mo, lagi ka nilang paka-iingatan.”

Romana then recalled the rollercoaster journey she went through in the past two decades, including the long wait for her own breakthrough after witnessing her contemporaries achieve theirs.


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“These 25 years were not only of glitz & glamour, of smiles & shiny things. These 25 years also meant heartbreaks, roadblocks, standing by the sidelines watching your colleagues shine brighter than you, watching them live their dreams while you patiently wait for your turn to shine. 25 years of praying & praising the heavens by the hallway while you wait for your own doors to open. Years of being proud of your own personal progress because you deserve that kind of love, especially from yourself,” she said.

Addressing her followers, Romana ended by giving them advice about pursuing a dream, and sticking by it despite setbacks and doubts.

“I hope you never stop dreaming, never stop working hard. I pray that no matter how trying the times will be, and how many times you feel like giving up, I pray you find it in you to keep your heart pure - free from envy, jealousy, greed and negativity. We are all dreamers. We are all stars. Lend your light to those who need it most, who need it first. After all, we all share one sky. And all the stars that you have lent your light to, will one day, lovingly and generously lend you back their light in return, when it’s finally your time to shine bright,” she wrote.

Romana is currently seen in the primetime series “The Iron Heart.”

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