K-drama: What to expect in 'Alchemy of Souls' Part 2


Posted at Nov 24 2022 07:57 PM

Photo courtesy of Netflix.
Photo courtesy of Netflix.

With the success of the Netflix K-drama series "Alchemy of Souls" last August, here's what to expect in the upcoming second part.

 Jang Uk’s evolution

Despite being born into a prominent mage family, Jang Uk (Lee Jae-wook) was initially unable to learn magic skills due to his birth secret. However, everything changes when he meets his new master. Jang Uk then fights against the destiny he was born into and gains new powers. Returning 3 years after coming back to life, Jang Uk is a completely changed person. We’re definitely intrigued to see a new side of Jang Uk soon.

[B] The return of Naksu

Naksu (Go Youn-jung) was a powerful sorceress and assassin before ending up in the body of a blind woman named Mu-deok. From having murderous intentions to experiencing love, Naksu changes drastically. However, she becomes unable to control her situation, and everything shifts. Now a mysterious woman with Naksu’s appearance has emerged. There’s much to be unraveled with this new development.

 The friendships

"Alchemy of Souls" is such a satisfying blend of everything from magic, action, comedy, and friendship. All of the different friendships truly shine! The friendship between Jang Uk, Seo Yul (Hwang Min-hyun), Park Dang-gu (Yoo In-soo), and crown prince Go Won (Shin Seung-ho) is so endearing. And we can’t forget Mu-deok’s friendships with the boys as well. Will their friendships stay the same or change?

The romance

Of course, you can’t leave out the romance. In addition to Jang Uk and Naksu’s compelling love, we have many relationships to root for. Have Park Dang-gu and Jin Cho-yeon (Arin)’s lovely plans changed? How about Park Jin (Yu Jun-sang) and Maid Kim (Oh Na-ra)? Will some of the single men find new love interests? We’re intensely invested in seeing some happy couples.

 The fate of everything

"Alchemy of Souls" has delighted us with an intricately woven plot with a deeply rich storyline and engaging characters. With the epic story set to wrap up, the fate of the fantastical world of Daeho and all its characters remains the biggest question. What will happen to this majestic realm we’ve thoroughly fallen in love with?

"Alchemy of Souls" part 2 will air on Netflix starting December 10.


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