Rachelle Ann Go admits she was reluctant at first to have a baby


Posted at Nov 24 2020 12:22 PM

MANILA – Rachelle Ann Go is now expecting her first child with husband Martin Spies but the theater actress admitted she was initially reluctant to pray for a baby.

She said this in an Instagram post while confessing that months before learning she’s pregnant, she was not sure if she is already prepared to become a mother.

“If you asked me few months ago when are we going to have a baby... I will always tell you that ‘I’m not ready yet!!’ and ‘maybe next year, I still need to finish my contract/show!’ When everything shut down here, I felt like maybe this is the right time to start a family... I kept looking at baby videos! It was so weird because I know I was too scared to give birth,” she said.

“Also, I was reluctant to pray for it because what if I’m not ready to be a mama yet?! I had to be sure I was ready because in my experience, every time I ask God for something He usually gives it right away,” she added.
And then the day finally came when she and Spies both prayed about building their own family.

“I remember I told God, ‘Lord if you think we are ready, then okay fine give us a baby!!!’ Then surprise... we have this blessing right away,” she said.

Meanwhile, Go has a message for all the women who are also scared to face motherhood just like her.

“You might be like me, scared to face motherhood... It’s okay to feel that way and acknowledge that. It is really scary but remember we are strong women. Don’t let other people’s experiences turn you off (I’ve heard so many horror stories), our bodies are all different. We can all cope. You can cope with it,” she said.

Go also told those who are praying for a baby for a long time to just be patient and just trust in God’s timing.

Go debuted her baby bump in a vlog post last Friday. The video also documented their excited reaction to the news, when they first found out last August. 

The couple also teased that they already know the gender of their baby, but they are saving that reveal for a later date. 

Go and Spies got married in April 2018. 

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