Nikki Gil celebrates wedding anniversary, son's birthday


Posted at Nov 22 2021 03:30 PM

MANILA – Nikki Gil and her husband, businessman BJ Albert, celebrated the fourth birthday of their first child Finn over the weekend.

As seen in her Instagram updates, Gil and Albert threw Finn a Mario Kart-themed party because the boy is supposedly obsessed by it.

“Happy to have a few friends over to enjoy a socially distanced fully vaccinated outdoor merienda,” Gil wrote.


A post shared by Nikki Gil-Albert (@nikkigil)


A post shared by Nikki Gil-Albert (@nikkigil)

On Finn’s actual birthday, Gil shared a short clip showing her son as a baby until he became an adorable toddler.

“Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet and silly boy, Finn. It was such a joy seeing him step into the role of big brother this year. Love you Manong,” she said.

Aside from Finn’s birthday, Gil and Albert also recently marked two other milestones. They recently welcomed the arrival of their second child together, and also celebrated their sixth anniversary as a couple.

“Happy 6th anniversary babe @bj_albert. Still can’t believe we have two kids now lol love you,” Gil said.