WATCH: Kathryn, Daniel star in 'Imortal' sequel


Posted at Nov 23 2016 12:59 AM


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MANILA - More than half a decade since the last episode of the hit local supernatural series "Imortal" aired, a huge casting announcement was made Tuesday evening about its upcoming sequel. 

During ABS-CBN's trade event, it was revealed that Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo will star in the third installment of the fantasy franchise, which began with 2008's "Lobo." 

A teaser for "La Luna Sangre" was shown hinting about Padilla and Bernardo's roles. Bernardo's character appears to have a power to bring animals back to life, while Padilla represents a potential love interest. 

However, it remains unclear how exactly their characters will fit in the mythos of both "Lobo" and "Imortal." The sequel is expected to air sometime next year.