Tommy ready to be a father to Miho's daughter


Posted at Nov 21 2015 07:17 PM | Updated as of Nov 04 2016 02:04 PM

MANILA - Filipino-American model Tommy Esguerra made a bold statement on "It's Showtime" on Saturday.

Asked on whether he's ready to take on the responsibility of being a father to Miho Nishida's young daughter, the 21-year-old Esguerra said: "I believe so, yes."

His swift reply surprised host Billy Crawford, who told him: "Wow, that's big responsibility. It's a hard decision to make for anyone no matter what age.''

But his words shouldn't come as a shock as Esguerra, himself, knows the importance of having a dad growing up, having been left by his abusive, biological father when he was just a child.

He later on found solace in his Filipino stepdad, Eric, who reminded him before leaving for California last Friday to love not only Nishida, but also her mother and daughter.

"Iyon ang payo ko sa kanya [Miho], kapag mahal ka niya, mahal rin dapat niya si Aimi. Mahal niya rin dapat nanay mo, 'yung pamilya mo," Eric said.

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