Sam takes role of 'big brother' to sister


Posted at Nov 20 2012 02:13 PM | Updated as of Nov 21 2012 07:19 PM

Actor Sam Milby. File photo
MANILA, Philippines -- Actor Sam Milby has become a real-life "big brother" for his older sister Ada and niece Lona, who are now living with him in the Philippines.

The former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate held back his tears as Ada thanked him for being there for her during the lowest point in her life.

Last year, Milby took the responsibility of taking care of Ada and her daughter after she separated from her husband.

The siblings now live together at Milby's house.

"Last year was such a low point for me. I mean it was definitely the lowest I've ever been in my whole life and I've always wanted to be your big sister, the one that always take care of you and the big sister you can always look up to. Last year, I felt like I was not that kind of person anymore. It was really disappointing for me to feel like I couldn't be the sister that you look up to anymore," a tearful Ada said during their guesting on "KrisTV" on Tuesday.

"So when you offered it -- because you know I'm too proud to ask you to take me in and take Lona in -- that was really the biggest blessing at the perfect moment. Literally this year has been a life-changing year for me after last year I was such at low point. While I'm not where I want to be still, I know that because you are opening your home to me and taking care of Lona, I'm feeling more like the big sister that I used to be. I know that I'm in a much better place to move forward. I'm just so thankful to have you are my brother," added Ana, who now plays for the Lady Volcanoes rugby team.

Ada and her daughter have been living with Milby in the Philippines for more than a year now.

Ada, who once served in Iraq as part of the US Army, told host Kris Aquino that she was having a "rough time" in her relationship when she decided to go to the Philippines to visit her younger brother.

"I just needed something different and when I was here visiting Sam last year, he said, 'Hey sis, come over and help me with the investments and getting hold of some of my finances and I will take care of you and Lona for a while. Until you kind of get back yourself together and take care of yourself.' Yeah, so that's why I came here. It's actually a really life-changing year for me here. I kind of rediscovered myself and that's all really possible because of Sam," Ada shared.

For Milby, a bachelor, he said it wasn't hard for him to take his sister under his wing since he also wanted to spend more time with her.

"For nine years, actually mula high school, medyo wala kaming relasyon kasi pagkatapos ng high school, pumasok siya sa Army tapos pumunta siya sa Iraq for one year. So nine years from high school until now, last year pa lang 'yun noong pumunta siya dito sa Pilipinas, 'yun 'yung bonding moments namin. For nine years wala, we hardly got to talk ever. Pagbalik niya sa States from Iraq pumunta naman ako dito at nag-stay siya doon sa States," Milby explained.

Milby said he has always looked up to her sister.

"Siya 'yung sobrang malapit sa puso ko, kaya ako nag-ice skating kasi nag-ice skating siya, I look up to her as my ate talaga and I miss having that. Sa lahat nang nangyayari sa kanya dito sana ay mag-stay dito. She's the type that always tried to be perfect the leader, so strong. So I know it was a hard moment for her last year with everything she was going through. Ako, I'm just happy that I was able to financially to be there as a brother, just to be there as a brother and I will always be there" the actor added.

Ada currently teaches "swing dancing" and is the team captain for the National Women's Rugby Football team or the Lady Volcanoes.

Milby also said their mother is currently in Manila from their hometown in Ohio to spend the holidays with them.