WATCH: Claudia breaks down talking about Julia’s detractors in Q&A


Posted at Nov 17 2019 12:34 AM | Updated as of Nov 17 2019 12:54 AM

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MANILA—Julia Barretto has endured more than her fair share of criticism, especially for someone who's just 22.

And her fans got a sense of just how much of these are perhaps extremely harsh and unfounded in a video blog post this Saturday, in which her sister, Claudia, talked about what it takes to say that you have lived a "meaningful life."

Claudia could not hold back her tears as she opened up about her gratefulness towards her sister for all the sacrifices she has made for her, her siblings, and their mother Marjorie.

"You're always there for us," Claudia told Julia during a rare Q&A video that gave insight into, not only the closeness of the two, but also the extent all the bashing have affected them.

"Whenever feel like you can make anyone's life easier, you do it. And you're so young. Most people I know your age or my age, they don't go through half the things we go through. I think you're living a meaningful life so far."

Julia was worried that people might respond negatively if she said that herself, leading to her believing that she's actually not a good person, or someone who does not care about her family at all.

But after being convinced by Claudia to not let the criticism have a lasting effect on her, Julia said that she lives to "serve her siblings, her mother, and her family in exchange of nothing."

This, Julia said, is what she wants to look back on when she grows old — "I know that I was really able to something good."

The two also talked about the influence their mom, Marjorie, has on them, falling in love, and their closeness with one another.