WATCH: BTS teaser for Anne Curtis' action film with Brandon Vera


Posted at Nov 16 2017 07:05 PM | Updated as of Nov 16 2017 08:57 PM


A behind-the-scenes teaser video for "Buy Bust," the first-ever action film starring Anne Curtis, was released on Thursday. 

Posted on Facebook by movie's director Erik Matti, the clip chronicled the year-long preparation the cast and crew had to go through, and provided a glimpse into the grueling shooting process.

Curtis underwent kali and gun training for the flick, in addition to acting workshops with co-star, former MMA champion Brandon Vera. 

The film boasts more than a thousand extras and hundreds of stuntmen, and was said to have used over 250,000 grams of gunpowder throughout the 50 days they rolled the cameras. 

"This is the toughest shoot I've ever done. And yes, this is ambitious. It was crazy, strange, hardworking and in most times, scary," admitted Matti, known for "Honor Thy Father" and "Seklusyon." 

"But believe you me when I tell you, this is the most fun set I've ever had. If only I can show you a playback peek of the kind of dedication our cast and crew had on this film, you'd be amazed how we've done all these crazy dangerous shit and still laugh and smile about it at the end of the take," he added. 

There's still no release date for "Buy Bust."