'On the Wings of Love': Angela starting to fall for Clark?


Posted at Nov 14 2015 12:24 AM | Updated as of Nov 04 2016 06:19 PM

MANILA - Compared to previous episodes of "On the Wings of Love," Friday's wasn't quite as sweet nor emotionally heavy.

It does, however, continues to plant seeds for future conflict, especially since it saw Mang Sol (Joel Torre) accidentally hearing the voice of his (dead but not really dead) wife, Rona (Isay Alvarez).

It also shows Angela (Ysabel Ortega) slowly developing feelings for Clark (James Reid) while the two work on redesigning her cafe. I mean, did you catch the way he smiles at Clark? We're on to you, Angela.

But keep your cool, Leah. Even though Clark is keeping a few secrets from you (and the viewers), your "hubby" is still clearly in love with you.

I mean, a preview of next week's happenings sees Clark getting down on one knee and popping the question to her wife (but not really, at least not until they have a church wedding).

And if you're going to play detective, the teaser meant that Clark was not out fooling around with some other woman at the mall (like Leah imagined), but was actually buying a ring for his planned proposal. So hang in there, Leah. Relax.

And as for you, viewers, why not treat yourself to help the viral outtake video of series' infamous "momol" scene to help you make it through the weekend.

(WATCH: Nadine, James film funny 'momol' scene)

Directed by Jojo Saguin and Antoinette Jadaone, "On the Wings of Love," airs weeknights after "Pangako Sa 'Yo."