Andi: Jake is the 'father' of my daughter


Posted at Nov 13 2015 08:52 PM


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MANILA - "Si Jake [Ejercito] 'yung nandiyan since the beginning and he loves my daughter like his own, and so he's the father."

These were the words of actress Andi Eigenmann when pressed to confirm the identity of her daughter's father, which, according to reports, could be either one of her past boyfriends Jake Ejercito or Albie Casino.

"When I was pregnant, Jake was there for me. He took care of us, so he's the father. That's my point lang. ...I mean, it's as simple as that," the 25-year-old Eigenmann added.

Last August, Casino, one of the cast members of "On the Wings of Love," said that he felt relieved after a DNA test reportedly showed that he's not the father of the actress' daughter, Ellie.

Eigenmann, however, claimed that "there was never a DNA test." She said: "I never went up to them to ask them for anything. They're not a part of this."

She continued: "It is very painful, I mean, I know, you’re not the father, oo nga, pero bakit kailangan mong sabihin yon? Kawawa naman yung anak ko, hindi ba?"

Asked if she will ever reveal the true identity of her daughter's father, Eigenmann replied: "Why is it important? It's none of anybody's business, but mine and my family."


A photo posted by Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) on

A second chance at romance?

In a separate report published on Pep on Friday, Eigenmann was quoted to have said that she will never get back together with Ejercito, whom she broke up with last year.

The actress, however, considers Ejercito to be her "first and greatest love." She said: "And you can’t just forget that easily."