What James of The Vamps likes about Liza


Posted at Nov 11 2016 06:31 PM


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MANILA - Are Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil already a couple? Have they finally taken their relationship a step forward?

James McVey, the lead guitarist of the British pop band The Vamps, seems to think so.

In a press conference ahead of their performance at the Kia Theater on Saturday, McVey and his bandmates were asked about their knowledge of local musicians and celebrities.

He replied: "We know Liza pretty well and her boyfriend. But apart from that, I don't think so. We're very open to suggestions though. We would love to know more about Filipino musicians and actors and actresses, so we'll be on the lookout."


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Of course, as fans would know, nothing is official between Soberano and Gil as of yet. The closest to a confirmation fans got was back in July when Gil answered a question from talk show host Boy Abunda in a teasing manner.

"Yes, we are boyfriend and girlfriend," he admitted, before following it up with: "We treat each other like boyfriend and girlfriend. That's how we just treat each other. We treat each other like we are, so parang ganoon na rin."

According to Gil, he is just waiting for the blessing of their parents. "Pero siyempre as not to disrespect them. They didn't say anything yet so unless sabihin nila na puwede na -- but para sa akin it's the same thing na," he insisted.

The Vamps are back

The "Wake Up" hitmakers arrived in Manila Thursday evening, less than a year since their concert at the Mall of Asia Arena last January. The performance was made public just two weeks ago, catching some of their fans by surprise.

The announcement followed a teasing post from McVey, who invited Soberano to recreate a selfie with him when he returns to the Philippines.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News' Gretchen Fullido, McVey said that he personally texted Soberano and asked her if she would like to come see them perform once more.

"She was actually in Texas when I texted her, and now she's in Korea so she couldn't make it sadly." McVey shared.

Quizzed about what he likes about the young Pinay actress, McVey explained: "She came to our last two shows which is nice. I think Liza's great because she's just really like a nice, normal girl despite all of her success."

"We knew her just at the very start, just when she was starting to get really big. And now she's even bigger, she still maintains her roots, and she's lovely," he added.

He also remained mum on questions on whether he is dating someone. "Maybe I do. But Liza and I, and all the other boys are just really good friends."

In an interview on Wednesday before flying to South Korea with Gil, Soberano said that she would have loved to watch McVey and The Vamps.

"Nag-message po sa akin si James. He's inviting me pero hindi nga po ako makakapanuod dahil we are busy shooting the movie, pero we [Gil] wanted to sana," she said.

McVey first met Soberano when The Vamps made a guest appearance on Sunday variety show "ASAP" back in February 2015. At the time, McVey referred to Soberano as "lovely."