Alexa Ilacad describes KD Estrada her 'safe space'


Posted at Nov 10 2022 01:32 PM

MANILA – Alexa Ilacad penned a sweet message for KD Estrada on social media, expressing how much she appreciates him for everything he does for her.

Posting a sweet photo of them together, Ilacad began her post saying, “When I’m hurt, I know you feel double. When people walk all over me, you’re always ready to go to war for me.”

She then continued by telling Estrada how grateful she is of him.

Alexa Ilacad describes KD Estrada her 'safe space'

“Thank you for always protecting me, for being my safe space, and for being strong when I can’t fight for myself – since day 1,” she said.

To end her post, Ilacad said she is in awe of how Estrada loves and stands for the people he cares about.

“Any girl would be lucky to have a man like you,” she said.

Ilacad, 22, and Estrada, 20, have been vocal about their admiration for each other since their “Pinoy Big Brother” stint in 2021.

They have since become not only music and screen collaborators, but also each other’s real-life confidant. Despite openly being affectionate, Ilacad and Estrada have yet to confirm being officially a couple.