‘Dreams do come true’: Arci Muñoz visits all 6 Disneyland parks


Posted at Nov 10 2019 08:53 PM

MANILA—Actress Arci Muñoz has achieved her dream of visiting all the six Disneyland parks all over the world.

Muñoz posted a compilation of photos of herself in front of the different Disneyland parks she has visited.


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In her caption, she said it was her dream to visit all locations, and she finally achieved her dream with her recent trip to Disneyland in Shanghai.

"Once upon a time, there was a little princess who only dreams of going to all the Disneyland in the world . . . Believe in the magic! Dreams do come true," Muñoz wrote.


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Prior to her Shanghai trip, Muñoz visited the other Disneyland locations in Florida, California, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Before her trip to Shanghai, Muñoz shared a photo of her trip to Tokyo Disneyland.


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She also spent her birthday in Disneyland in Orlando in January.


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