‘My sweet blessing’: Judy Ann pens touching message for eldest child on her birthday


Posted at Nov 08 2019 06:45 PM


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Actress Judy Ann Santos on Thursday penned a touching message for her daughter, Yohan, on the occasion of her birthday.

Yohan, who just turned 15, is Santos’ eldest of three children with husband Ryan Agoncillo.

On Instagram, Santos shared photos of Yohan with family members, captioned: “Fifteen already?! A year older, definitely a year wiser.”

“Oh my baby love, from day 1 that I laid my eyes on you… You never fail to make me smile with your corny jokes, the way you swoon over K-dramas and BTS, di ko man gets, support ako diyan.

“I love you, my sweet blessing. You will always be a reminder that God listens,” Santos wrote.

Santos, in an interview early this year, said that Yohan was made aware of her being an adopted child as early as age 4.

Santos adopted Yohan prior to her 2009 wedding with Agoncillo. The TV host went on to legally adopt Yohan.

“Dati, naba-bother siya. Nalulungkot siya kaya sinasabi ko sa kanya, ‘Sweetheart, it was my choice. I know naman at some point, I could still have a child. It’s just that I so wanted to have a child, and I prayed. I prayed for years to have a baby girl. I’m very specific with my prayers. I want to have a baby girl at 26. And I got a call a week after I turned 26. And it was a baby girl, so that was you. Even before I had a family, it was you and me only.’

“Doon, ano na siya, ‘Ah, oo nga. Sa iyo ako kasi ginusto mo.’ You can see it in her glow, e, that she’s confident. She’s not ashamed of being an adopted daughter,” Santos said.