Paulo Avelino admits he considered suicide amid depression


Posted at Nov 05 2019 08:24 PM


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MANILA -- Paulo Avelino confessed that he contemplated suicide in the midst of his battle with depression. 

This Tuesday on Instagram, the Kapamilya actor opened up about his past struggles with his mental health and the time he found himself in a place where he "only saw one way out."

In his revealing note, which he hopes will help others cope with their own battles, Avelino wrote: "I think it's time I talked about this dark period in my life because I know that someone out there is going through the same thing." 

He first admitted that he entertained the thought of suicide "years back ...where everything seemed like nothing matters." 

He said: "Locked myself at home, turned down almost every job that came in and shut myself off from work, friends, family, the world. I am introvert. And as an introverted person I was so used to keeping my thoughts to myself."

He added: "Even when I wanted to share stuff, I truly didn’t know how to. I didn't know how to voice out all these feelings and thoughts inside me."

"So here I am sharing with you guys that even the people who appear to be okay or who seem to 'have it all' might be going through their own struggles, fighting their own demons." 

Avelino then encouraged those who are experiencing depression to reach out to their friends, family, and loved ones. He also shared numbers to a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline. 

"Often times people will brush it off thinking it's nothing to be concerned about or it's a small matter. Don't be scared to voice out what you feel no matter how hard it is. Never lose HOPE."

Avelino first talked about his depression back in August, after losing a close friend to suicide.

These are their hotline numbers:

Information and Crisis Intervention Center
(02) 804-HOPE (4673)
0917-558-HOPE (4673) or (632) 211-4550
0917-852-HOPE (4673) or (632) 964-6876
0917-842-HOPE (4673) or (632) 964-4084

In Touch Crisis Lines:
0917-572-HOPE or (632) 211-1305
(02) 893-7606 (24/7)
(02) 893-7603 (Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm)
Globe (63917) 800.1123 or (632) 506.7314
Sun (63922) 893.8944 or (632) 346.8776