COMPILATION: ‘Aarte pa ba ‘ko?’ Liza Soberano’s ‘ipis’ encounter sparks hilarious meme


Posted at Nov 05 2018 07:02 PM

After watching Liza Soberano taking on the viral “What’s in the Box” challenge, many fans appear to have a common takeaway that has since become a meme — that is, “umarte nang naaayon sa ganda.”


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The viral clips of the “Darna” star touching mystery items obscured from her sight went viral over the weekend, and have now raked in some 5 million views on Facebook alone, as of writing.


The challenge, which was part of a promotional campaign of a watch brand Soberano endorses, saw her guessing objects like kiwis, uncooked squid, live worms, and live crickets.


In stark contrast to other celebrities who have similarly done “What’s in a Box,” Soberano didn’t appear to be challenged at all, and kept calm despite the surprising textures.

Fans noted, in particular, how Soberano even wiggled a worm after finding out it was in fact the animal, and didn’t flinch when a cricket crawled up her arm, after guessing it was a cockroach or a caterpillar.

With re-uploaded versions of the clips going viral on Twitter, as well as YouTube, memes drawn from Soberano’s cool demeanor have also made the rounds online.

“Umarte nang naaayon sa ganda,” and permutations of the statement mentioning the actress, were applied to videos and photos of cockroaches.

Facebook comments were no less witty. Here’s a look at some of the funniest reactions to Soberano’s “What’s in a Box” challenge: