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Filipino Canadian actor with disability talks representing PH in movies, sports

Christine Santos | TFC News Toronto

Posted at Nov 04 2022 10:17 AM

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Filipino Canadian actor, Aristotle Domingo, starred in a romcom movie called Picture Perfect Romance that’s currently airing on Amazon Prime and other channels.  

This is Domingo’s first full length film, and he couldn’t be more excited to represent his Filipino heritage, the LGBTQIA+ community, and his lived experience as a person with disability.

"It’s just exciting to play a role that represents people with disabilities, like myself, and I think it's really important to have that representation in mass media because we don't get to see a whole lot of it. There’s also a bit of background of the LGBTQI2S+, which I am very much happy to represent as well," Domingo said.

"Very much important to normalize same sex couples and the LGBTQ communities, moving on and just living their lives. I think I am probably the first one to play a Filipino with a disability in this genre."

In Picture Perfect Romance, Domingo plays Kenny who has a physical disability and is getting married to his same sex partner. During their wedding weekend, the main female character, Zoey, had to confront her past and learn to move on.

One of the touching scenes in the film was a conversation between Kenny and Zoey about overcoming obstacles. The movie's writer and producer Brigitte Kingsley shared why Domingo was perfect for the role,

"I think that scene really touched me. I thought it was so well performed and so well done. I knew I wanted an actor who embodied that spirit of resilience. I think it’s just one of those projects that the character found a right actor so to speak," Kingsley said.

Meanwhile, Domingo opened up about how he deals with his limitations.

"It took me some time for myself to get over my disabilities as well but I learned to move on and accepted my limitations on my disability because truly is, there's a line in the movie where limitations are only what we put on ourselves, and I think in this situation too, limitations really are what I put on myself and I never limit myself now," the actor said.

True enough, Domingo has proven that his disability would not stop him from living an active lifestyle.  

He's a para-athlete participating in field sports and is nationally classified as F57 in throwing shot put, discus and javelin. He was able to compete at the Bell Canadian National track and field Championships in Langley BC in June this year where he took home a silver for discus and bronze for shot put.

"Very excited as well to have participated in my first Canadian National Championship Langley BC for Track and Field. It's also the first time I'm competing at that level, having just started in my sport about three years ago... and so to actually participate and perform actually bring home some 'bling' if you will, very excited and looking forward to again the nationals next year. It's also a paralympic selection next year for the 2024 Paris Games and also the Pan American championships," he noted.

Domingo is hoping for more opportunities to follow in his acting career and sports where he can continue to proudly represent the Filipino community.