LOOK: ‘Demon Slayer: Mugen Train,’ final ‘Fate Heaven’s Feel’ movie get PH fan screenings


Posted at Nov 04 2020 03:50 PM | Updated as of Nov 04 2020 03:56 PM

MANILA — Anime fans, here’s something to look forward to this month of November. 

SM Cinema and film distributor ODEX Philippines this week have announced the dates for the local fan screenings for both “Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train” and “Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song.” 

Both will be shown in the latter half of this month, with the “Fate” movie screening first on November 21. 

It will only be available in three specific branches of SM Cinema -- SM Bacoor, SM Masinag, and SM San Mateo. 

All screenings are scheduled at 4 p.m. The ticket prices are set at P1,620 and will come with freebies. Details here.

The fan screening for the “Demon Slayer” movie, on the other hand, will be held on November 28, also at the three aforementioned SM branches. 

I will have two screenings on the same day, with the first one being at 1:30 p.m. and another at 4 p.m., according to SM’s website. The ticket prices for it are a little bit more expensive at P1,800. 

You can check out SM’s announcement below: 

General screenings for both movies are scheduled for early next year. 

The “Fate” movie is the final film of the franchise’s “Heaven’s Feel” trilogy and will see the emotional conclusion to the story of a young man named Shirou Emiya, whose vow to protect a girl named Sakura Matou pushes him to try and put a stop to the Holy Grail War, or the centuries-old competition between mages and their servants where the winner gets a chalice capable of granting wishes. 

It continues the two previous movies, “lost butterfly” and “presage flower,” and premiered in Japan last August. It made $18.3 million (or around 1.9 billion yen) in the box office. 

The “Demon Slayer” movie follows the events of the first season of the highly-popular anime, which tells the story of a boy named Tanjiro and his quest to rid his sister, Nezuko, of a demon’s curse. 

It opened in Japan last October 16, and went on to become a massive hit earning more than $149 million (or about 15.7 billion yen) after just 17 days. 

That feat already makes it among the top 10 most successful movies to have premiered in Japan. It is the 5th anime movie in the list with the others being “Spirited Away,” which ranks number one, “Kimi no Na wa,” “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and “Princess Mononoke.”