‘Little Big Shots’: 12-year-old demonstrates ‘superboy’-like strength


Posted at Nov 04 2017 11:10 PM

Super-strength is a thing of comic-book fiction, but a 12-year-old boy from Tondo brought that fantasy to life in Saturday's "Little Big Shots."

John Brix bent iron rods like it's nobody's business, twisting them using his forearm, neck and entire body.

Before the main stunt, he beat out host Billy Crawford in arm-wrestling as a warm-up.

To show how sturdy the rods were, Crawford tried to bend one of them to no avail.

John’s grandparents said he helps out with household chores, which increases his strength. The boy also trains with a coach to be able to properly execute the stunt.

"Little Big Shots" airs Saturdays after "Home Sweetie Home" and Sundays after "Goin' Bulilit."