Vice Ganda clarifies: ‘Hindi ko jowa si Calvin Abueva’


Posted at Nov 01 2018 12:10 AM

Vice Ganda: 'I just want to feel what I'm feeling right now'

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It was a rumor that tickled the curiosity of his fans for months, with the flames fanned thanks to being spotted out together and after he was described by Calvin Abueva as a "sweet friend."  

But Vice Ganda has finally put a stop to all the speculations, confirming that he and the basketball player are not dating. 

"Honestly, hindi ko jowa si Calvin. Hindi ko siya jowa kasi para sabihin mong jowa mo, iyong boyfriend kita tapos jowa mo ako --hindi kami ganoon eh," he told "Tonight With Boy Abunda." 

He did add that he values his friendship with Abueva. 

He explained that the Phoenix Fuel Masters star is not afraid to be seen with him, unlike many of his other basketball player friends. 

"Sobra ko po siyang naa-appreciate kasi sa dinami dami ng naging kaibigan ko na basketball players, iilan lang doon ang naging proud na, 'Malapit na malapit talaga ako kay Vice'," he said. 

He went on to share that some of his "close" friends are even ashamed to post pictures with him whenever they go out because they want to avoid being linked with him romantically. 

Vice Ganda clarifies: ‘Hindi ko jowa si Calvin Abueva’ 1
One of the photos apparently shared by Calvin Abueva and Vice Ganda online when they went out together a few months ago. 

"Si Calvin, he doesn't care," Vice Ganda emphasized. "Hindi siya nahihiya na makita ng mga tao na malapit kami sa isa't-isa dahil naniniwala siya na walang mali." 

It was the first interview where the comedian opened up about his relationship with Abueva, ever since the PBA player described him as a "sweet friend" more than a week ago. 

Vice Ganda echoed this by describing Abueva as one of the few people currently who can make him "smile" and "laugh." 

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"He makes me so happy. ... Siya iyong isa sa mga pinakamalalapit kong nakakasama lately at isa siya sa mga nakakapagpasaya sa akin," he gushed. 

Asked if he sees himself dating Abueva in the future, Vice Ganda replied that he doesn't want to think about it. 

"I seriously don't know. I don't want to think about it. I just want to feel what I'm feeling right now."