Stevie Eigenmann shares 'receipts' showing sister Andi's apology to Albie Casino


Posted at Oct 31 2021 05:34 PM | Updated as of Nov 01 2021 12:31 AM

MANILA – Andi Eigenmann’s sister Stevie is coming to her defense after actor Albie Casino claimed that his ex-girlfriend never apologized to him for dragging his name into her pregnancy in 2011.

Casino at the time was a fast-rising star, paired with Kathryn Bernardo in the primetime series “Mara Clara” (remake). The controversy was said to be a challenging period in his career.

Through an Instagram Story, Stevie shared a screenshot of what appears to be a private exchange of messages between Andi and Casino sometime last year.

"Oooops. Accidentally publicly posted receipts. Happy halloweekend! No ill will," Stevie wrote across the post.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that Andi apologized to Casino, with the actress telling him that “the person you met once before was very young, and lost, and quite obviously a completely different person from who I am today, so on behalf of the old me, I apologize, albie.”

Continuing with her message, Andi wrote: “Sorry for all that volatility I may have caused you in the past, and for being so young and naïve, dragging you into something you were never supposed to be part of.”

“I sincerely hope that you too, are in a good place right now, and that you and your family are well and great. Hope that we can put that behind us now. All the best to you,” the message showed.

Instagram Story

In response, Casino, according to the image showing the exchange, said he did not mean any ill will when he made his post – although it is unclear what post he was referring to. The actor also supposedly said he “never asked for an apology” and that he “never really needed one.”

“Yo I remember that to the tee you hit with ‘masaya ka na hindi sayo’ I never asked for an apology and I never really needed one. I din’t mean any ill will with the post that’s why I cropped you out of it I thought it was just hella funny,” the message supposedly from Casino read.

“I look at it like we’ve both moved on and we’re both different people now. I just thought I’d have a laugh about it, cuz if we can’t laugh at our past hardships in life it’s kinda like being a slave to the moment still. Again no ill will or hard feelings, congrats on the baby.”

During his last Kumu livestream before becoming a PBB celebrity housemate, Casino did not evade answering questions pertaining to Andi.

According to the actor, he will not be covering Andi this time and has no intention to conceal what he knows and feels about her.

The actor also recalled one netizen asking Andi recently if she had apologized to Casino after the controversy. 

“I don’t know how Twitter works but I guess someone was replying to Andi ‘Pero nag-sorry ka na ba kay Albie?’” Casiño shared. “So I only posted the reply and then I put some laughing, crying emojis and then I said, ‘Hindi pa. Lol.’”

According to him, he wanted to tell Andi to at least publicly apologize to him but he opted not to say it anymore, realizing that she would not do it. 

Casino is the latest addition to the “PBB Kumunity Season” celebrity edition. Andi, on the other hand, has settled in Siargao with with partner Philmar Alipayo and her children, Ellie, Lilo, and Koa.


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