Robi Domingo, other new MYX VJs relish victory


Posted at Oct 30 2008 02:58 PM | Updated as of Oct 30 2008 11:04 PM

Many dared and braved the challenges of the 2008 MYX VJ Search but only four emerged as victors, withstanding the test of fire and are now tasting the sweet victory of being a true blue MYX VJ. Because of their superior knack for hosting, wit and natural charisma Robi Domingo, Monica Yncierto, Bianca Roque and Chino Liu Pio are now certified members of the current roster of MYX VJs.

Crush ng Bayan

Robi "Crush ng Bayan" Domingo is one of the PBB Teens runners-up and recently appeared in the hit show "My Girl." But this Atenean cutie proves to be more than just a pretty face. Juggling both his studies and the numerous projects being lined up for him, Robi is now even conquering the VJ world!

When he heard his name during the announcement at the Finals night, everyone saw how much he wanted to win. "I felt pressured that time because from now on I'll be carrying MYX's name. I told myself, ‘Robi, you always have to be at your best.’ But I really felt happy because I am part of the number 1 music channel in the Philippines."

But don’t think he’ll just charm his way into your hearts with his disarming smile and puppy dog eyes (though this usually happens), Robi will also captivate you with smart conversation and a no-nonsense outlook in life. Taking everything seriously, from his studies and work, this Rico Yan look-alike even researched some facts about artists and songs for their spiels. But don’t think he’s all work and no play. This guy knows how to have a good time while working and knows how to make fun of himself.

"I did some spiels with the group and by myself. Oh boy, it was so difficult at first. I kept on stuttering and buckling but as it went on, I got used to it. The other VJs tease me as the baby since I am the youngest. Oh well, that's life. Maybe that's the problem when you're the youngest...and the cutest!"

Though this may be true, Robi has shown maturity in his words as he shares that if it were possible, he wishes that all of the VJ finalists would have been chosen as MYX VJs. "The good thing about it is that it wasn't a goodbye to our friendship but the start of a strong relationship."

Though somehow sad that the competition is over, one can really feel Robi's excitement as he will be hosting the Myx Daily Top 10,’ ‘Pop MYX,’ ‘OPM MYX,’ "Myxilog’ and ‘My MYX.’ As a final word to viewers and fans alike, "They won't see Robi as an actor, they'll just see Robi, the natural, in action."


Chameleon cutie

One look at this gal and you’ll know that she’s someone really special. Meet Monica Yncierto, the girl who rules with her bangs and hosting skills. Surely she’s a pro in the field as she is currently a radio jock. Having wanted to audition in MYX for the past three years, Monica is pretty lucky to have been chosen during her first audition. And why wouldn’t she be? With her vast knowledge of the music industry, ranging from the artists to the songs itself, Monica has the right attitude and funk to rock it out on the VJ scene. "The job meant everything to me. It wasn’t just something I did for the heck of it. It was a make or break for me."

What sets her apart from the other finalists, besides having her hair done before auditioning, is that she can be a lot of different things. Already internalizing as a MYX VJ, Monica shares, "Expect me to be difficult to categorize. I look like ‘Rock MYX,’ I’m happy like ‘Pop MYX,’ I’m lively and hopeful like ‘Bandarito,’ promising like ‘Daily Top Ten,’ fun like ‘Club MYX’ and a little bit of everything like ‘Wer u @.’ I’m a variety of different things like M.I.T."

Monica is definitely a chameleon on and off cam and very creative too. Having already started their tapings, she states, "We taped ‘Pop MYX’ today at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. It was memorable because I got to walk on the same ground where national artists and scientists were buried."

With her enthusiastic approach in life and spunky attitude, it is very much obvious that MYX and music are the perfect combination for Monica.

Monica has this advice to those who want to follow her footsteps: "Just go for it. Give it your all, heart, mind and soul. Be different and unique but at the same time, people can relate to you. Just be yourself and push yourself to exceed limits and expectations and never give up. Never." Spoken like a true MYX VJ.

Wacky rocker

As for Chino Liu Pio, this cutie might look familiar for some. Not only did he appear in Hale’s video "Kahit Pa," but he is actually Hale’s biggest fan being lead singer Champ’s younger brother! No wonder being in the entertainment business is in his blood. But though he loves music, he can never see himself as being in a band or performing but instead, sees himself as a messenger of music a.k.a. VJ.

"I just want to perform the best way I can. And have ‘Rock MYX’ as my show. Haha!"

Though he might look too much of a goody boy, this chinito also has a wacky side. He openly shares that he doesn’t wear socks 99% of the time and just seems to be smiling 24/7. It may be his small eyes or the way his face lights up, but Chino may be one of the most happy and cheerful people you have met. He may look very confident with the way he hosts, but this guy admits that he never thought he would win.

"I was a bit shocked at first but hey I’ll take it. Haha. It was close call and didn't want to expect anything. But I really wanted this. I think I won because I'm new and fresh. They probably liked my performance throughout. Haha."

Always the jolly and positive one, Chino shares, "We taped a few times now as a VJ. But my most memorable is when we hosted ‘MYX Slam Jam’ in San Beda. It was awesome. Viewers can expect that I’ll be happy and fun all the time. And be myself of course!"

People can be sure that it’ll be a pleasure to watch and listen to Chino.

Camera shy

Last but certainly not the least, Bianca Roque is one of the few who actually did research on You Tube, observed VJs to get an idea on how to host and googled songs and artists on her free time. But all of this has been put to very good use. When her name was called out during the Finals Night, Bianca exclaimed, "I was shocked!!! I was called the last and the whole waiting game sort of left me hopeless already so I really couldn't believe it when they called my name."

Though she was elated she won, she was also very emotional during the announcement. "I had mixed emotions when I was on stage. I was happy beyond belief for getting the job I want and sad because the search was so much fun and it had to end."

This pretty gal has already started taping as an official MYX VJ and shares, "The first day is pretty intense. It’s a whole league, like graduating from high school-college. Everyone is so good, it’s pretty intimidating."

What’s more amazing is that Bianca admits that she has the biggest camera/ stage fright but she figured that she should just face her fears. And good thing that she did because now she is one of the chosen VJs.

"I plan to learn as much as I can and have fun doing it. I'll try to be as light, fun and spontaneous as I can be. And once in a while surprise them with my wackyness maybe."

Her fear for being in front of the camera may seem hard to believe because once she opens her mouth to host, everything else seems to come naturally. And that's what landed her to be hailed an official MYX VJ.

With these four brilliant, unique and completely crazy new MYX VJs, rest assured that MYX will never be the same again.

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