Pinoy hip hop artists B3werdna, Audio Rebel to release joint debut album

Rick Olivares

Posted at Oct 27 2021 06:49 PM


MANILA -- Filipino hip hop artists Lord Sid Valera (aka Audio Rebel) and Andrew Neri (aka B3werdna) will be putting out their split album on vinyl titled “B3AR B3 x Audio Rebel” this coming November.

That album, released by Digmador Records, will hold the distinction of being the first independently released hip hop album put out locally since the 1990s. 

Side A features six chill out tracks from B3werdna, while Side B has five suave instrumentals from Audio Rebel. All the tracks are an amalgam of the music of their youth from hip hop, jazz, dub, alternative rock, and instrumental music.

Their collective styles will appeal to fans of US band Thievery Corporation (minus the sensuous vocals), another genre-bending band that mixes reggae, dub, jazz, house, dance with Middle Eastern-sounding grooves. 

Lord Sid Valera aka Audio Rebel
Lord Sid Valera aka Audio Rebel

“We wanted to put out the music that we like and affects us,” underscored Valera, who started out as a ghost producer for local club DJs back in the early 2000. “I would remix songs techno and house music. From the money I made, I bought second hand records and equipment like drum machines and records to help me write music.”

Using the nom de guerre Audio Rebel, Valera began performing live dub music and jazzy hip-hop beats in club and party venues in 2016.

Andrew Neri aka B3werdna
Andrew Neri aka B3werdna

Neri, on the other hand, is an interior designer based in Singapore. Performing under the moniker of B3Werdna, he produces original instrumental music that is inspired by his emotions, memories and moods. 

“B3AR B3 x Audio Rebel” is literally a do-it-yourself album. Both artists funded the vinyl itself and commissioned the artwork based on their vision. 

“B3AR B3 x Audio Rebel” will be available in November exclusively from On the Corner Manila via Facebook.