'Sawsaw pa more': Gretchen Barretto drags Ruffa Gutierrez into family feud


Posted at Oct 24 2019 08:47 PM

Gretchen Barretto has dragged Ruffa Gutierrez into their family feud. Instagram

MANILA -- It was around Wednesday night when Ruffa Gutierrez, on Instagram, left a comment under a photo Julia Barretto shared to her followers, writing: "Freshhhhhh." 

It appeared to be intended as a compliment, given how the young actress looked stress-free despite the problems her family is facing at the moment. 

But to Gretchen Barretto, it felt like an attack.

Gretchen Barretto did not take this comment Ruffa Gutierrez left under a photo of her niece Julia lightly. Instagram

Gretchen -- who is at odds with her sister and Julia's mother Marjorie -- had no qualms in dragging Ruffa into their family mess, which has been hogging showbiz headlines of late, reposting the "fresh" comment on her Instagram Stories. 

She said: "Sawsaw pa more. Ruffy!! Take it, take it!," a reference to the scandal that hounded the 1994 Metro Manila Film Festival when Gutierrez's best actress win was put into serious question. 

It was just one of the things Gretchen had been posting on her Instagram Stories since Marjorie went on "TV Patrol" to try and clarify the events that led to their scuffle at their father's wake. 

As of writing, Ruffa has yet to directly reply to Gretchen's post, but many took her "selfie" she later upped as one. As the caption, she said: "The next time they try to put you down, just remember that confidence is silent but insecurities are loud AF." 


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She followed it up with a photo of her "happy" family, as well as photo of her and her mother, Annabelle Rama, who has expressed support towards her: "Tama, huwag mo na patulan 'yan. Don't waste your precious time! Basta mahal ka namin ng family mo." 

It was last week when the newest controversy of the Barretto family erupted, due to a scuffle that broke out between Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine at the wake of their late father, Miguel.