'Sagutan, iyakan': Vice Ganda-Anne confrontation once had director mediating


Posted at Oct 22 2018 05:18 PM


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After nearly a decade as co-hosts and “sisterettes,” Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis have admittedly gone through a number of fights, including one that resulted in the actress crying, and the director of “It’s Showtime” mediating to end the verbal tussle.

The two recalled a confrontation they had in light of the ninth anniversary celebration of “It’s Showtime,” which saw the start of their friendship in 2009.

The reason behind the fight: a cup of watermelon shake.


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Here’s how it happened: According to Vice Ganda, Curtis accidentally knocked the comedian’s watermelon shake off the edge of a table, spilling the drink on his shoe.

When Vice Ganda protested, Curtis supposedly said, “Kasalanan mo, nilagay mo diyan, e!”

“Nagpintig talaga ‘yung tenga ko,” Vice Ganda narrated. “Sabi ko, ‘Hindi ka puwedeng mag-sorry man lang?’ ‘Ba’t ako mag-so-sorry nilagay mo ‘yan diyan?’”


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Curtis, who was seated beside Vice Ganda as he shared the anecdote on Saturday, disputed his account of what happened. “Hoy, nag-sorry ako! Sabi ko, ‘Sorry, sis!’”

The verbal exchange did not end there. According to Vice Ganda, Curtis offered to buy him another cup, but the comedian wouldn’t have what he portrayed as an angry gesture.


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Imitating Curtis’ reaction at the time, Vice Ganda feigned crying and said, “Shake lang nagkakaganyan ka?”

“Umiyak! Ang ending, ako ‘yung nag-sorry!” Vice Ganda said. “Dahil sa watermelon shake na natapon, kailangan pa bumaba ng direktor para awatin kami.”

Curtis added, laughing, “Iyon ‘yung first po na nagkasagutan kami ni Vice, dahil po sa watermelon shake!”


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Neither detailed when that fight happened, but co-host Amy Perez said it was during her first year as an additional mainstay of “It’s Showtime” — 2016.

In vague terms, the hosts also dredged up other clashes they had over the years, including a time when Curtis supposedly sent both Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro a long text message.

“Mambubuwisit,” Vice Ganda said, referring to Curtis, “pero pag nabuwisit ‘yung binubuwisit niya, siya ‘yung iiyak, ang ending, siya pa ‘yung susuyuin!”


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He added, facing a laughing Curtis: “Kapal ng mukha mo! Tapos magwo-walk out, tapos iti-text mo kami ni Vhong ng mahabang-mahabang Ingles. Akala mo naman, binabasa namin. ‘From now on, huwag na huwag na tayong magbibiriuan’ — may mga ganyan pa siya!”

Turning serious, Curtis and Vice Ganda agreed that such rough patches have only strengthened their relationship, and are a testament to their being a “family,” and not just co-workers.

“Ang sarap din pagtawanan ngayon, kasi parang na-feel ko… ‘Di ba ‘pag magkakapatid, kailangan may ganun, e? Ganun ‘yung love, e,” Curtis said.

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Echoing the sentiment, Vice Ganda added: “‘Pag hindi nagkakasamaan ng loob, parang hindi ganun kalalim ang relasyon niyo. Parang hindi tayo magkakaibigan, parang magkakatrabaho lang. At ayaw natin ng magkakatrabaho lang, kailangan family. Best of friends.”