Matt Evans marks birthday inside jail


Posted at Oct 22 2012 10:49 AM | Updated as of Oct 23 2012 02:00 AM

Actor Matt Evans arrested for allegedly hurting girlfriend. File photo
MANILA, Philippines - Actor Matt Evans marked his 26th birthday in jail, after he was arrested on Saturday for allegedly hurting his girlfriend Johnelline Hickins and her brother Juan Alberto Carlotta.

Until now, Evans is keeping his silence on the said issue but his legal counsel Gerly Rico admitted there was indeed an altercation among the three but denied that the actor injured Hickins and Carlotta.

Rico added it was actually Evans who got hurt and was even threatened with a knife.

“Matt denies having inflicted any injury against his girlfriend or her brother. In fact, it was Matt who was hit on the leg and who was threatened with a knife,” Rico said.

Rico said they “are awaiting the legal processes to proceed so that Matt’s name will be cleared from all these accusations which are nothing but lies.”

Evans, who's known for playing Pedro Penduko on TV, is set to face violence against women and physical injuries charges.

According to SPO1 Lardy Ignacio of the Pasig City Police, Evans' partner filed a complaint against the actor Saturday night.

Initial reports said Hickins and her brother were planning a surprise birthday party for Evans when the actor and Hickins had a heated argument.

Hickins fell off the stairs while she and Evans were arguing, prompting the girl's brother to intervene.

Carlotta said he tried to stop the actor from further hurting his sister, who just gave birth last month, but he was kicked in the face instead. – from reports by Dexter Ganibe and Dennis Datu, dzMM