Why Isabel Oli is feeling 'melancholic' as she turns 39


Posted at Oct 21 2020 01:37 PM

MANILA -- Actress Isabel Oli celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, October 20. She turned 39.

On Instagram, the actress admitted feeling sad as she marked her special day without her husband John Prats, who is currently on a locked-in taping.

"Way different from my past birthdays. This one is quite melancholic for me. Celebrating 39 years of existence without my dear other half ‘cause he is currently in a locked-in taping somewhere far away. My siblings and their families who are here in Manila can’t be with me due to current constraints caused by this pandemic. The rest of them are in Cebu, SG and NY, and again, I know that even if they have the desire to celebrate and be with me physically this day, they can’t," Oli wrote.

She also revealed that her birthday wish is for the coronavirus pandemic to end.

"Hence for my birthday wish, I am really praying and hoping that this pandemic will soon be over. That vaccine will soon be discovered, and it will be available to all. Praying that for the remaining months and days of this year, COVID will no longer infect any of us, that God will miraculously remove its presence from our country and everything will be back to how it was," Oli wrote.

'Despite the prevailing negativity during these times, I’m really trying my best, by God’s grace, not to allow myself to wallow in it. I am still and will forever be thankful!!! Couldn’t thank God enough for giving me my husband, my adorable kids, my family and loved ones, dear friends, and supporters. I thank God daily ‘cause I know He is faithful in all His promises. Constantly reminding myself that I need to hold on to Him now more than ever for He alone knows what tomorrow may bring. Only God is my sure assurance of what is to come," she added.

Oli then thanked all those who remembered to greet her.

"Thank you, loves, for all your thoughtful and touching birthday messages. It somehow lessened and ebbed this sadness I feel. You just blessed me today. May all of you be blessed too," she added.

Prats married Oli, who is his childhood crush, in May 2015 after being together for more than two years.

They have three children Feather, Daniel Freedom, and Forest, who was born just last May.

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