Rachelle Ann Go, husband share their engagement story


Posted at Oct 21 2020 03:00 PM

MANILA – Rachelle Ann Go and her husband Martin Spies took a trip down memory lane as they shared to their followers their engagement story.

Picking up from where they left off last week when they shared the story of how they met, Spies began their latest YouTube vlog with his decision to propose to Go.

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According to Spies, he was scheduled to fly to the Philippines for the first time to meet Go’s family in August 2017.

But before flying out, he met with a friend and told him about his plans of asking for Go’s hand in marriage probably in London after their trip to the Philippines.

“He kind of suggested that ‘If you are going to the Philippines and you are meeting the family, why don’t you just propose while you’re there?’ After that dinner, I started to kind of think about the ring first,” he said.

“It was a team effort to figure out what [ring] Shin wants and that was a great process. That was honestly a really cool thing to do. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. Learning about diamonds and this business, it was fun and really exhilarating to get that ready to take with me to the Philippines,” he added.

Spies then planned the engagement itself by getting a lot of help from some Filipino friends.

“I knew we were going to Boracay with your family. I was looking around in Boracay trying to find somewhere where we could go, where I could propose with not a lot of people around. I’ve never been to the Philippines so I just had to do some research. I had Filipinos helping me,” he said.

Spies said that was a nerve-wracking experience because he didn’t want anyone to find out. 

When they were finally in Boracay, Go admitted that she was somehow hoping that Spies would propose to her.

“Because he’s there with my family already, I feel like it’s the perfect time, it’s the perfect place for him to do that. It’s so funny pa, during my birthday, when he handed me his gift, in my head, ‘Oh my gosh is this a ring, is this a ring?’ Pag-open ko, it was a necklace. I mean I love it but part of me, I wish it was a ring. So funny. I was stopping myself from thinking that thought,” she said.

“When we went to Boracay, the funniest part is every single morning, they were building this tent like when they have this special event. Every morning, they are preparing something so I feel like, ‘Is this for me? Maybe Martin is proposing to me.’ Every time I see people preparing something, I would fix my hair waiting for the surprise. But I was just assuming,” she added.

Go kept expecting every day until their last day in the island came and she grew tired already.

Spies recalled having a hard time getting some alone time with Go’s parents so he could let them know his plans.

“Eventually I had a conversation with them and told them what I’d like to do on this trip and if I have their blessing to do it. That was quite special. I was happy because I was nervous about that conversation as anyone would be. The most important is they said okay,” he said.

And then came the time for the proposal. 

Spies said he was so stressed because he knew he had to take Go to a certain spot by the beach for the hidden videographers to capture the sunset but she was comfortably lounging by the couch.

Go, for her part, said she was confused because Spies was saying some speech and he looked a bit nervous.

“I’m not following. What’s happening? And also because I wasn’t expecting anymore, I thought you were just doing a nice speech because it was a nice set up. Even when you knelt down, I was like, why are you kneeling? I wasn’t really thinking na that was it,” she said.

It was when she saw the ring that her tears started flowing.

“When he opened his jacket, may kinuha siyang box. Nung nakita ko 'yung box, it wasn’t really registering in my head. Yun na, pag-open niya, there’s that ring. I just couldn’t believe it,” she said.

After that, the couple had an after-party with her family and friends, who also happened to be in Boracay at that time.

Currently, Go and Spies have been married for two years now and they are living together in London.

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