Truefaith introduces new sound in upcoming album 'Eleven'

Eruel Ursua

Posted at Oct 19 2021 09:31 AM

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MANILA -- Popsmiths Truefaith is releasing its 11th album this year titled “Eleven” through Viva Records.

The album, which contains the band's three recent singles “Dyahe,” “Your Ready Smile,” and “Refriend,” was supposed to be released in 2020 but was delayed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While the virus put much of the world on hold, for Truefaith, it gave them time to polish the album.

“We were able to apply some changes that we would have not done had we stuck to the original schedule,” said vocalist Medwin Marfil. “It took time to get used to working online kasi sanay kami working together in one place to brainstorm ideas and elements that need to be inserted in the songs.”

Marfil conceded that the members of Truefaith -- guitarists Eugene Marfil and Allan Elgar, bassist Macky Macaventa, keyboardist Jake Lumacad, and drummer Kakak Quisumbing -- have various influences and even more variegated listening habits.

“Ang Truefaith sound kasi ay halo-halo,” Marfil further elaborated. “We are inspired by listening to various bands that seep through our style. And for this album, there was a conscious effort to sound the same as the influence (in order to sound different).”

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“Your Ready Smile” highlights this new sound and introduces the modern Truefaith.

“Our new single ‘Your Ready Smile’ is the best song to represent the 11th album as it gives you a glimpse to what we want to do further in the future as a band. If you listen to the song, it is like saying that this is how Truefaith sounds now.”

Truefaith’s driving force for their band’s tenacious presence in the industry is their passion for music and their fans’ undying support, which kept them from being active for many years. 

“As long as there are fans out there who are stilling willing to watch and listen to us, and people who are still excited to hear new stuff from us, drives us to produce more songs even if they are few in numbers, since music is their primary passion,” said Marfil. 

The band continues to entertain their fans through online gigs.


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Most recently, Truefaith's 10th album, “Sentimental” was released on vinyl by Backspacer Records, earning the album a second life after its initial digital release in 2016.

“Pre-pandemic there are always gigs every weekend, these days during the pandemic nakakapanibago na bihira ang mga gigs. It also saddens us that we are not able to perform together on stage and the events felt technical more than organic, but we are very grateful that there are still gigs that come. And, of course, we get to put out new music,” Marfil said.