Frankie Pangilinan calls out netizen for saying she causes mom Sharon's 'anxiety attacks'


Posted at Oct 19 2020 05:51 PM

MANILA – Frankie Pangilinan called out a netizen who commented that she is probably the reason why her mom, screen veteran Sharon Cuneta, keeps on having “intermittent anxiety attacks.”

Replying to the Twitter user’s post, Pangilinan first said: “First of all where have u been miss ma’am angst is the genetic code of this generation. Secondly wtf is wrong with u”

While the netizen responded by saying she was just sharing her personal observation, Pangilinan clapped back and insisted that it is wrong for anyone to make assumptions, especially when it concerns mental health.

“You don’t publicize your convoluted assumptions about my mother’s mental health without me calling you out,” she said.

Pangilinan said there is no way she would allow her mother to be disrespected by anyone.

“I don’t care what you think about me. But you don’t ever disrespect my mother like that — not by misrepresenting a very real mental health condition she doesn’t suffer from,” she said.

Although the netizen reiterated that what she said was merely an observation and not a form of disrespect towards Cuneta, Pangilinan ended their conversation by enumerating important reminders.

“Do not EVER diagnose a public figure you know nothing about. Do not EVER blame people for your own assumed views on mental health. Don’t try to push a false narrative onto someone who has suffered from actual clinical anxiety since she was 14,” she said.

Pangilinan, 19, is one of Cuneta's three children with opposition senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan. Cuneta has an older daughter, actress KC Concepcion, from her previous marriage.

Pangilinan has become an emerging voice on Twitter, with her outspoken criticism of the Duterte administration, as well as her personal anecdotes involving her superstar-mom, and her lawmaker father.