How they filmed the intense 'Wildflower' fight scene


Posted at Oct 19 2017 07:08 PM

With the recent surge in ratings, expectations were high for the makers of "Wildflower" to keep audiences glued to the show. 

And they managed to do that this week, thanks to single fight scene, starring Maja Salvador and Dawn Chang, that lasted just over two minutes and was wholly encapsulated in a covered parking lot. 

For those of you who haven't watched it yet, Tuesday's episode ended with Salvador, as Lily, attempting to put a stop to the show's new baddie, Lady Bomber (Chang), to save people. 

The girl-on-girl brawl was incredibly well-choreographed, and garnered glowing praise not only from fans but also from fellow celebrities, who have been dubbing it as one of Salvador's best scenes yet. 

On Instagram, Salvador shared a behind-the-scenes clip, which gave her followers an inkling on how the "Wildflower" team shot the whole thing. 

From the video, it appears Salvador and Chang opted not to use doubles, at least for the close-up shots, and that the two actresses held nothing back when it came to pace. 

It also helps that the two are great dancers, rarely losing the scene's rhythm as several cameras buzzed around them. 


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The episode was watched by 29% of the country's total television viewing population, according to Kantar Media. The figure was miles ahead of its direct competition, which only managed 17.8%.