Myrtle wins week 6 of 'Your Face' as Mystica


Posted at Oct 19 2015 06:16 AM

MANILA -- Myrtle Sarrosa was named the winner in the sixth week of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" for her amazing impersonation of Mystica.

Sarrosa performed "Simple Lang," complete with Mystica's signature split.

She even became emotional after her performance, saying she cannot believe she pulled off the performance.

Guest juror and voice coach Annie Quintos praised Sarrosa for her "unexpected" performance.

"I am speechless. This was not something I expected, I did not expect this in my wildest dreams for you to go to Gary Valenciano, and... People don't know, ano ka talaga eh, mahiyain, and to see you do this. Kanina, may konting hesitation, pero ngayon parang, wala, nagpakawala ka na talaga. And I say this in a good way. All of a sudden, I saw a totally different person. This one I did not see a single Myrtle there, not one. I am just so proud of you," she added.

"Paglabas mo pa lang sa iconator kanina, pagnga nga mo pa lang, oh my God, Mystica na. Tapos 'yung pag-anong tawag diyan, helicopter ng buhok, ang galing, as in. I think the best of your performances. This performance proved na kaya mong gawin kahit ano," Jed Madela told Sarrosa.

Gary Valenciano, for his part, praised Sarrosa for her hard work, noting that it is not easy to copy Mystica, especially her splits.

"She did all of that for a few seconds on the floor na naka-split para lang mapanood niyong lahat. I want to encourage you, though, na that hard work, huwag mo lang gawin dito sa 'Your Face Sounds Familiar,' make this be a stepping stone para sa lahat ng gagawin mo pagkatapos nito. Good job, Myrtle, good job," he said.

Sarrosa took home P100,000 as her prize, half of which she will donate to Grace to be Born, a foundation that helps children and mothers dealing with difficulties during their pregnancy.

She got 38 points, followed only by Kean Cipriano, who got 24 points for his Silento impersonation.