Madonna: 'Vote for Obama, reject Palin'

Agence France-Presse

Posted at Oct 16 2008 05:30 PM | Updated as of Oct 17 2008 01:30 AM

BOSTON - Pop diva Madonna revelled in the wild cheers of 20,000 fans at Wednesday night's concert in Boston, never mentioning her pending divorce but urging Americans to vote for Democrat Barack Obama.

"Hello Boston!" the 50-year-old called to out to the hordes of young and some not so young fans who ventured out to see her perform hits from "Borderline" to "Beat Goes On" on her Sticky and Sweet World Tour.

In signature style, Madonna pranced across the stage, dancing, playing the electric guitar and flirting with her singers for nearly two-and-a-half hours, clearly loving every minute and basking in the adulation.

"Madge we love you!" cried Stacey Carney, 24, who was unfazed by the singer's silence on her marital turmoil, after a Madonna spokeswoman on Wednesday announced the pop star and husband Guy Ritchie, 40, were to divorce.

"Isn't she amazing? I don't care what she does, I love her, that's all."

Madonna and Ritchie were married for seven-and-a-half years, and together have a son Rocco, 8, an adopted son David, 3, in addition to Madonna's daughter Lourdes, 12, from a previous relationship.

"She is free, she has always been, and she has always done what she wanted," said Jen Baston, 34.

"I've been following her since I was 11, I have all those bracelets she wore, the rubber/jelly, etc. I'm jealous that she looks that great at 50. I'd like that."

Fan Brian Carnahan, 28, agreed.

"I am a fan since I was three, and aside from loving her music I love her outspoken attitude, and she changes all the time.

"She is a cougar, if a man can do it than women can do it, too," he said using American slang for an older woman who goes for younger men. "

Madonna-lovers at the concert spanned the generations, with some sporting signature outfits from different periods of the star's 25-year career, such as ripped lace tops, oversized crosses and pointed corsets.

Amanda Smith, 32, said she had adored Madonna since 1983 and was not at all shocked by the singer's second failed marriage, saying "divorce fits her like a glove."

Madonna ended the show on a political note, departing backstage while a video showed images of Republican White House hopeful John McCain accompanied by the words: "Don't be stupid," followed by a picture of a grinning Obama, his arms lifted in victory.

"Are you registered to vote?" Madonna asked the crowd when she returned for the final ovation. The final presidential debate ahead of the November 4 election took place earlier the same evening in Hempstead, New York.

"Come on motherfuckers, just vote for Obama! No more Sarah Palin," she yelled, in reference to McCain's runningmate, the 47-year-old governor of Alaska.

"You people like to think, here in Boston, so come on, vote!" Madonna said before leaving the stage around midnight.