Did it work? Jaya tries to change distinctive voice as ‘Hide and Sing’ performer


Posted at Oct 15 2020 11:47 PM

Jaya reveals herself as a ‘Hide and Sing’ performer on Thursday. Kapamilya Online Live

MANILA — She’s called “Queen of Soul” for a reason.

Known for her distinctive voice and soulful performances, Jaya tried but apparently failed to mislead “Hide and Sing” on Thursday, as she was picked easily as the mystery celebrity performer.

In the segment, three singers who are covered head-to-toe with personal protective gear, and with their faces obscured, performed on stage.

One of them was a celebrity, which the guest contestant should guess correctly in order to win. The hosts of “It’s Showtime” also shared their opinions, but with their conflicting views, they almost always ended up confusing the guest.

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But on Thursday, actor Nikko Natividad appeared to recognize Jaya’s voice instantly, despite the music veteran making her singing voice higher than usual.

“Feeling ko si No. 2, taga-‘SOP’ ‘to dati, e!” Natividad said, referring to Jaya’s former TV program. “Natitimbrehan ko si No. 2. Malakas kutob ko.”

Showing their identities, the mystery singers performed Kuh Ledesma’s “Dito Ba” and slowly removed the equipment covering their face.

Jaya was revealed to indeed be “Tagokanta 2” all along.

Watch the reveal below:

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