‘I Can See Your Voice’: Jessa nearly moved to tears by contestant's story


Posted at Oct 15 2017 01:37 AM

Saturday's episode of "I Can See Your Voice" proved to be an emotional affair, with Jessa Zaragoza nearly breaking down in tears after being moved by a contestant's story. 

Sephy Francisco, a gay singer and call-center agent, was determined to prove to Zaragoza that she's the real deal. 

Unfortunately, Zaragoza weeded her out after the second round, saying that Francisco looked more like an entertainer rather than a singer. 

But as it turned out, Francisco did have a voice to back up her boasts early on. After proving so, she turned teary-eyed as she recalled the hardships she faced in life. 

Francisco said she was banking on the talent show to earn her a spot on "Tawag ng Tanghalan," saying that she yearns for a chance to showcase her voice to the world. 

Zaragoza was moved by Francisco's determination and offered her advice. "Hayaan mong pandayin ka ng panahon. Huwag kang titigil," she told her, while fighting back her own tears. 

Zaragoza finished the episode smiling, knowing that she picked a singer to have a duet with rather than a dud. She sang "Di Ba't Ikaw" with Nicole Parada, who once tried out for "The Voice Philippines." 

Parada won P25,000 in addition to getting a duet with Zaragoza and an automatic spot on "Tawag ng Tanghalan."