Mark Gil on indie films: I'm not choosy


Posted at Oct 16 2008 03:15 PM | Updated as of Oct 17 2008 12:22 AM

Veteran actor Mark Gil said that he is not particular when it comes to accepting roles in independent movies.

Gil said he considers 'indies' as projects that are vital to the movie industry.

"Hindi naman ako masyadong choosy. 'Indie' talaga are the ones that have taken over the movie industry. Ito na lang, and these are the ones that keep the industry alive," he said.

Gil started working for independent films in 2005. He said that aside from doing his latest films UPCAT and Alon, produced by Cinema One Originals, he is also open to doing short films for students.

"I've done so many already, short films. It's my love for film, that even young directors, even in schools when they do their thesis I entertained those things. Even if it's not a mainstream thing, you just do it for the class. I do short films for them and I do assessment for some of their films," said Gil.
Gil said he does short films if the story is good.

"Marami akong nagawa kahit cameo roles ay pinapatulan ko yon. Kasi it's always good to be in good projects even to be part of it. It's not as lucrative as the mainstream, pero masarap, masaya. It's fulfilling," the actor said.

UPCAT & Alon

Gil is now busy for his two indie projects “UPCAT” and “Alon.”

"Sa UPCAT I play the father of Hiyasmin Neri... Pro-UP ako para akong alumnus ng UP and I would insist that my daughter would be in UP. But then her, being a teenager and all that mayroon siyang ibang interest. What makes this interesting is that Bembol Roco is in this film. He plays the father of his son Felix," Gil said.

The actor said that Felix Roco in the story wants to go to UP but his father the older Roco thinks otherwise. Gil said that UPCAT tells the story of two families with different interests. "That's as far as I can go because I only had one day work and I play a guest role," he said.
In "Alon" Gil works with actresses Eula Valdez and Charee Pineda. 

"It's a story of a May-December affair. This man is married, he's got a wife who's dying. They are secluded in this island. And then this young girl who comes to my place all the time and she falls in love with me and I fall in love with her. And my dying wife insists na kung mamatay siya, sana, kung itutuloy ko ang buhay ko, sana ay yun na lang, yung batang yon. So doon mangyayari ang complications," Gil said.

Gil added that “Alon” has a wonderful story and it was really difficult for him as an actor to portray the role since it is very poetic.

He said that "Alon" is more of a picturesque movie unlike UPCAT which is light and simple -- a movie that the youth will really enjoy.

He said the two films from Cinema One Originals are worth watching.

"Dapat itong panoorin ng  tao dahil we do this for love and passion. Lahat naman ng inaano ng Cinema One ay magaganda at sila ang medium ng pelikulang Pilipino ngayon," he added.

Gil’s remarkable mainstream films were “Magnifico” with Jiro Maño and “A Love Story” with Maricel Soriano and Aga Muhlach.