BTS’ Jimin sets new record in Twitter

Anna Gabrielle Cerezo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 14 2021 08:18 PM

BTS' Park Jimin capped off his birthday by snagging yet another historic milestone under his belt. 

On Wednesday, the idol, fondly called "Mochi," "Chim Chim," or "Jiminie" by ARMY, scored 28 worldwide trends on Twitter after fans from dozens of countries flooded the digital space with warm greetings and promotions for various efforts, such as fundraisers, they kicked off on behalf of the artist. 

To date, the "Filter" singer is the only person that has managed to take over the social media platform's top trends with the impressive scale on two separate occasions. 

The idol first hit the mark in 2020 and was the only individual to accomplish the momentous feat that year. 

Along with the different birthday greeting variations, some of the most posted hashtags that day were "#OurAngelJimin," "#HappinessFairyJimin," "#JIMINTOBER," "#StageLegendJimin," "#ItBoyJimin," "ProudofOurSingerJimin," and more. 

Jimin, dubbed by MTV as a “Trending Emperor,” frequently finds himself at the center of social media frenzies. 

Amid the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp outage that caused netizens to flock to Twitter, for instance, “JIMIN JIMIN,” emerged as one of the site’s top trends, along posts related to the internet shutdown. 

Based on Twitter data, “JIMIN JIMIN,” which first made rounds in 2019 after a similar widespread social media glitch, was mentioned over 1.32 million times in at least 76 countries.