K-pop: 5 career records set by BTS' Jimin

Anna Gabrielle Cerezo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 13 2021 08:21 PM

BTS member Jimin
BTS member Jimin

October 13 is a special day for ARMY as Park Jimin, the lead singer and one of the main dancers of BTS, is celebrating his birthday. 

Jimin has come a long way since he stepped into the music scene with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Junkook, eight years ago. 

Although Jimin has undoubtedly cemented himself as an indispensable member of the world's biggest boy band, he revealed on several occasions that he was nearly kicked out of the group shortly before they debuted. 

Jiminie, a top student for contemporary dance in Busan Arts High School, admitted he struggled to adjust to the style required for BTS, which at the time was set to become a hip-hop act. 

“I was in danger of not debuting because I did not dance well enough,” he explained in an interview on JTBC’s “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator" segment. “My major was modern dance, but because idol choreography is so different from what I was used to, I found it difficult."

Big Hit, however, undoubtedly made the right call to trust the then trainee's natural talents, as his impeccable rhythm, enthralling dancing style, as well as his distinct honey vocals, proved to be an integral contribution to the septet's unprecedented rise to fame. 

As Jimin turns another year older, here is a look back at the record-breaking achievements he brought to the team:


Although Jimin has yet to make an official debut on his own, his solo songs have already outperformed the releases of most idols. 

In fact, he managed to earn 1 billion streams across Spotify (523 million), SoundCloud (332 million), and YouTube (153 million), the very first K-soloist to achieve the massive feat with just five tracks.

As of this writing, Chimmy's most listened song is “Promise,” which has 293 million hits; followed by "Filter" from "Map of The Soul: 7” with 282 million; "Serendipity (Full-Length Version)" from “Love Yourself: Answer" with 188 million; "Lie" from "Wings” with 167 million; and "Christmas Love" with 76 million. 


"Promise," Jimin’s first solo title outside BTS' official discography, presently rules as the most-streamed track on SoundCloud. 

Released in 2018 as a year-end gift for fans, the reflective acoustic ballad Jiminie composed with Slow Rabbit and co-written with RM, clinched 8.5 million plays within its first 24 hours, scoring the biggest single-day debut on the platform. 

"Promise" has now raked in 293 million Streams on SoundCloud. 


Chimmy's addictive Latin-pop piece "Filter," on the other hand, made history on Spotify as the fastest Korean B-side song as well as the fastest Korean male solo track to hit 200 million streams, after the title achieved the massive feat in just 1 year and seven months. 

The catchy tune is currently the most-streamed song on "Map of the Soul: 7," which was named by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry as the best-selling album of 2020. 


Apart from pulling eye-popping streams, “Filter" is also churning out unbeatable sales figures. Ahead of his birthday, “Filter” rocketed to the very top of Japan's iTunes chart for the first time, the 115th country the title landed at No. 1 in. 

The milestone extended the sultry material's reign as the B-side track with the most No. 1's. Since the platform's inception, no other B-side has achieved the effort. 

The overall current record (118 territories) is held by V's "Sweet Night" from the OST of "Itaewon Class.” 

"Filter" is also one of the few pieces that successfully managed to chart on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales ranking for a full year. To date, the Latin pop, which peaked at No. 1, has logged a total of 80 weeks on the purchase-only list. 


The multi-talented idol, however, does not only boast enviable singing and dancing skills but a magnetic (and sometimes flirty) personality as well, made evident in his extensive social media pull.

Despite not having a personal Instagram account, Jiminie has sparked several frenzies on the site. 

For example, he has been hashtagged in over 60 million Instagram posts, the most for any person since the application's inception. 

He is also the first male Korean personality to have three photos garner 7 million likes each. 

Chimmy also has a knack for drawing the attention of ARMY at record speed. 

For instance, his "Butter” comeback teaser, which hit seven digits in less than 20 minutes, also emerged as the fastest individual BTS Instagram upload to surpass 1 million.

Meanwhile, Jimin's short film for "Map of the Soul ON:E Concept Photobook" emerged as the first clip in the series to amass 7 million views.