‘I’m sorry if I took it this far,’ Sarah Wurtzbach says after controversial rant vs sister Pia


Posted at Oct 13 2020 11:09 PM | Updated as of Oct 14 2020 10:24 AM

‘I’m sorry if I took it this far,’ Sarah Wurtzbach says after controversial rant vs sister Pia 1
Sarah and Pia Wurtzbach pose for a photo in September 2019. Instagram: @sarahwurtzbach

MANILA — Sarah Wurtzbach on Monday apologized for her controversial rant on social media against her sister, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, asking the public not to “hate on” the beauty queen.

In an Instagram Stories update, Sarah wrote: “Stop hating on Pia. Yes I am angry and I still am, but your negative words will not fix anything. If anything, you’re condoning negativity and that’s what’s wrong with the world.”

A day prior, in successive posts on Instagram, a fuming Sarah criticized Pia for supposedly not being a supportive sister, both emotionally and financially. In Sarah’s updates that circulated online, she also told Pia that they are “finished as sisters.”

Among the reasons behind the feud that Sarah mentioned were Pia siding with their mother, Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall, who supposedly urged Sarah to leave her husband Charlie Manze because he had “no money”; and Pia allegedly not agreeing to help her financially despite Sarah being “broke.”

Pia has yet to issue a statement responding to Sarah.

On Monday, Sarah said: “I’m fighting a losing battle everyday and I’m sorry if I took it this far, but being silence for many years takes a toll on you.

“I don’t want fame, or be acknowledged by others, or money, or things… I really just want a hug. I feel so alone everyday.

“I’d rather vent my anger however I can, any way I can so long as it can release pain from within. I [want to] be able to make it to tomorrow and wake up to my kids knowing that mommy hasn’t given up and she’s staying alive for us. Even though it’s easier to just end it all.”

Sarah has two children with Manze, Logan and Lara. The latter is known to be close to Pia, who would frequently post about her bonding moments with her niece on social media.

In a subsequent post on Tuesday, Sarah thanked the “people that took their time to share their stories with me, about hardships in life and about everything else left unspoken.”

“I hear you. I feel your pain. I’m with you. Thank you for tonight, it brings me joy for us to find peace in turmoil. You know who you are.”

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