'You are beautiful': Melissa Ricks post unedited photo on Instagram


Posted at Oct 13 2019 01:15 PM

MANILA -- "You. Are. Beautiful. No. Matter. What. They. Say".

Actress Melissa Ricks took to social media to share this powerful message for mothers who are ashamed of their imperfections.

In an Instagram post, the 29-year-old actress admitted that editing her photos won't help her hide her "extra weight, bibil, stretchmarks, freckles, wrinkles and cellulite."


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"So I was sitting here editing my photo. Then all of a sudden I decided to not edit it at all. Not even a filter," she said in the caption.

"Just as I am. As raw as it can be. This is ME! It's okay not to be perfect. Each and every flaw makes you who u are. Each scar, stretch mark, wrinkle, is part of your story. Part of what has molder you to who you are today. YOU are SPECIAL."

Ricks also reminded moms not be ashamed from showing their stretch marks.

"Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. Its okay to be you, do you. Remember everyone is fighting their own battle. BE KIND," she said on post.

"Proud to say this is who I am... With all my body changes, a lot of other things have changed as well. I have become a braver, stronger, and hopefully a smarter version of myself, of course couldn’t have done it without God by my side," she wrote.

Rocks gave birth to her daughter Kiera Kelly with boyfriend Charles Togesaki in January 2015.