Gab Valenciano apologized for cheating, says wife


Posted at Oct 13 2016 03:35 PM

MANILA - More than a month following their split, blogger-model Tricia Centenera revealed that her husband Gab Valenciano has apologized for cheating on her. 

Valenciano, who exchanged wedding vows with Centenera three times over two years, was alleged to have had a brief tryst with an unidentified woman. Centenera was said to have been "crushed" by her husband's infidelity. 

"He has confessed and he agrees that he went about it in a really bad way," said Centenera, without going into details, in an exclusive interview with Pep published Wednesday at the sidelines of a fashion event. 

She added that she is currently negotiating the terms of their settlement, and admitted that Valenciano "didn't want to be in a marriage" in the first place. 

"So it's like, okay, if you didn't want to be in a marriage, there are other ways that you could have gone about it instead of doing what he did," Centenera said. "But he's making up for it now."

"I don't hate him. As I said, people make mistakes. It's just that I have zero tolerance for cheating. That’s all. He did say sorry. The girl's parents, who he cheated with, they apologized to me as well," she furthered. 

Asked about the possibility of a divorce, Centenera acknowledged that it might be "tricky" considering that they first married in the United States. She said: "We had wedding celebrations here, but there’s no legal documents of us being married here."

"Which kind of makes it tricky because to file for divorce, we need to be there, or one of us need to be there." 

Valenciano and Centenera married three times – in a civil ceremony in the United States in 2014, and in Tagaytay and Boracay in 2015.

But despite the possible complications, Centenera said that she gave Valenciano the green light to file for divorce. "I said to him, ‘You wanted this. If that’s what you want, you need to go and file those papers.'" 

Rumors about the couple's marital woes first surfaced last month when Centenera shared on Twitter a quote about "making something new." She has since confirmed to ABS-CBN News that Valenciano wanted to end their marriage, and claimed that the young singer-dancer has been "emotionally abusive to her." 

Valenciano, for his part, has said that he wants to deal with his personal problems privately.