Nadine Lustre set to drop new single ‘Wildest Dreams’


Posted at Oct 12 2020 07:31 PM

Nadine Lustre set to drop new single ‘Wildest Dreams’ 1
Perfomer Nadine Lustre. Instagram: @nadine

MANILA — Nadine Lustre announced Monday she is finally set to drop a new single, titled “Wildest Dreams,” from her upcoming full-length album.

On Instagram, Lustre shared a screenshot of the iTunes pre-order option for the single, which will be released on October 16.

The announcement sent her fans abuzz with excitement, making “Wildest Dreams is coming” an instant trending topic on Twitter.

As of writing, it remained atop the list of local trends on the social media platform, with “JaDine” fans sharing the snippet of the single from iTunes, as well as its cover art.

In a June interview, Lustre and her former boyfriend James Reid, whose record label Careless Music is producing and releasing the album, said the album was planned to have 13 tracks.

“We’re focusing mainly on empowerment and self-love,” Reid said at the time, referring to the album’s theme. “It’s Nadine’s experience. She’s one of the strongest women that I know. She’s been through so much, and I’ve seen her grow. The inspiration was all there. It was really just getting the people together to help tell that story.”

Lustre has been open about her past bout with depression and anxiety, as well as the death of her brother who had had a similar struggle. More recently, she became the subject of headlines after she severed ties with her former management, Viva Artists Agency.

“A lot of people message me and kind of look up to me when it comes to empowerment or being strong and fearless,” Lustre said, when asked why she opted for a message album. “This is the perfect platform or catalyst to help empower and inspire people who listen to my music.”

Noting that three songs are about mental health, Lustre added, “The album is very personal, because it’s all about what I went through, my experiences.”