WATCH: After health scare, Kris Aquino is back to work


Posted at Oct 10 2018 11:58 PM

Kris Aquino’s drastic weight loss is evident in these photos dated March 20 and September 26, respectively. Instagram/@krisaquino

Following a health scare that prompted her to seek medical attention in Singapore, Kris Aquino has managed to resume work, based on her social media update on Wednesday.

In a series of tweets, the 47-year-old actress-host shared a glimpse of her “return project” — a TV commercial shoot for a fast food chain she endorses.

Pointing out that the shoot was originally scheduled on September 23, Aquino thanked the company behind the food chain for “waiting for me.”

She said this as she revealed “someone special gave up on waiting for me.” While she did not identify anyone, Aquino clarified that she was not pertaining to “the good friend posted Sunday night” — a reference to her recent Instagram post including her former flame, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

Aquino flew to Singapore on September 30, days after she alarmed her fans with a photo of her appearing gaunt. She posted that photo in light of the physical toll of what she referred to as a “betrayal” within her trusted business circle.

Aquino has since taken legal steps, with the help of former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, against the unidentified individual.

Concerned about her drastic weight loss at the time, she sought several medical tests, including one for tumor markers. The results were negative.

Two weeks since, Aquino appears to be in better condition, going by the video she posted Wednesday night.

In her tweets, she wrote: “It was prayer and will power that inspired me to make this my return project. People you’ll see in this video have been working with me on various TVCs for years — my director, DOP, and sound engineer have all taken care of me even before Bimb was born.”

Bimb is the nickname of the second of ther two sons.

“Sa endorsements, nagkakabalikan dahil na miss ang isa’t isa at kahit sinubukang mag move on, nanghinayang sa pinagsamahan,” she said, adding that two contracts are set to be signed in October.