‘Game KNB?’ returns in digital age: Everything you need to know

Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 09 2020 05:59 PM

‘Game KNB?’ returns in digital age: Everything you need to know 1
‘Game KNB?’ originally aired for 8 years until 2009. ABS-CBN

MANILA — “Game KNB?”, the iconic ABS-CBN game show inspired by the text-messaging era, is returning in the digital age where any Filipino equipped with internet connection and a smartphone can join.

“Game KNB?”, which originally aired for 8 years until 2009 with Kris Aquino then Edu Manzano as hosts, will stage its comeback on Monday noon via the livestream platform Kumu, with a simulcast on Jeepney TV.

Hosted by Robi Domingo, the new “Game KNB?” is one of dozens of ABS-CBN programs streaming on Kumu, from talk shows, to music offerings, and beauty segments.

During its virtual media launch on Thursday, Domingo held an actual game with press members as participants, to give a glimpse of the updated “Game KNB?” format that was both reminiscent of the original, but with fundamental changes reflecting the digital age.

The “simplified” version specifically for the virtual conference started with an elimination round open to all participants.

Given a multiple-choice question, participants raced to be among the first 10 to comment the correct answer. The order as seen in the comment box determined who would proceed to the next round.

In the actual game to debut on Monday, participants will have buttons they can tap to answer, according to a video preview. Each correct answer will correspond to a cash prize, aside from an opportunity to advance further until the jackpot round.

‘Game KNB?’ returns in digital age: Everything you need to know 2
Three players participate in the semifinal round of ‘Game KNB?’ during a press preview. Screenshot/ABS-CBN News

During the press preview, the 10 winning players in the elimination round proceeded to the qualifying round, where one question narrowed the pool of players to three.

The first three participants who keyed in the correct answer stepped forward to the semifinal round. At this point, they each joined Domingo as a “live co-host” in the Kumu stream, which meant they appeared on camera in the virtual studio.

As in the original “Game KNB?”, a series of questions in the semifinal round determined the lone player who would proceed to the jackpot round. Instead of the traditional buzzer, players raced to shout their name first to say their answer, at least during the press preview.

In the jackpot round, the player was asked to pick one among the letters “G,” “K,” “N,” and “B”, which each signified a hidden prize. In the event that the player fails to answer the jackpot question correctly, that hidden prize will be given as consolation.

‘Game KNB?’ returns in digital age: Everything you need to know 3
A lone player participates in the jackpot round of ‘Game KNB?’ during a press preview. Screenshot/ABS-CBN News

There was no need for the mystery prize to be revealed, as the player during the media preview won the jackpot round by answering correctly. The prize: P10,000.

The same jackpot prize will be awarded to Kumu participants starting Monday. Beyond that, “Team Bahay” players also have a chance to clinch merchandise and other prizes.

“Team Bahay” viewers on Jeepney TV will be shown a question of the day, and can submit their answers through the channel’s Facebook page.

“It’s a whole new experience para sa Pilipino, kahit saan mang parte ng mundo,” Domingo said, referring to the wide reach of “Game KNB?” as a mobile game show.

“Game KNB?” can be accessed on Kumu via the @gknb channel.