How KC dealt with fan who thought her sexy photo was ‘too much’


Posted at Oct 09 2019 10:42 PM

MANILA -- Last month, she didn't hesitate to reply to a basher who claimed that she had cosmetic procedures done.

And KC Concepcion was not about to let another similarly judgy comment pass --this time, a fan who told her that she revealed "too much" in her sultry photo she posted on Instagram Tuesday. 


This is how I feel after eating a big bowl of spaghetti 🍝 ✨ Ready for dessert? 🍰

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The picture saw her pose in an off-shoulder top. She wrote as the caption: "This is how I feel after eating a big bowl of spaghetti. Ready for dessert?" 

While her celebrity friends Iza Calzado, Lea Salonga, and Vina Morales were quick to praise her for being "hot," there were a few who thought that it was tad too revealing. 

Concepcion followed up a fan who tried to defend her by saying that women have the freedom to dress how they want to in this day and age, and said: "2020 coming right up!" 

While many were quick to praise KC Concepcion for how gorgeous she looks in one of her new photos, there were some who thought that she had been revealing too much nowadays. Instagram: itskcconcepcion

The side of her fan base who did not like her racy shot then took another photo of hers --one showing the actress-host in a business suit-- as her "response" to them. 

One user wrote: "way way better." 



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Over the past few months, Concepcion had to repeatedly deal with body shamers. 

She recently shared that she has been trying to get back in shape, revealing that she had been paying extra attention to her diet. 

"It's the little things done consistently to improve your mind and body that count! Keep taking care of yourselves, loves!" she said.