'Half serious joke': Ely Buendia explains 'Pag tumakbo si Leni' tweet


Posted at Oct 08 2021 10:33 PM

Ely Buendia IG
Photos from Ely Buendia's Twitter and Instagram account

Netizens took Twitter by storm to urge OPM icon Ely Buendia to fulfill his tweet about having an Eraserheads reunion if Leni Robredo runs for president in the May 2022 polls. 

Robredo on Thursday announced her bid, prompting many Eraserheads fans to follow up with Buendia about his earlier statement.

“Pag tumakbo si Leni,” Buendia tweeted in September, in response to a fan asking if there is a chance that the members would come together again.

The singer has finally broken his silence. 

“That answer was far from a political post. I do respect and admire Leni. If I were to vote, she’s my top candidate right now. That tweet was a half serious joke maybe, but people made it into a big deal,” he said in a press conference for his concert Superproxies on October 9 on KTX. 

Meanwhile, Eraserheads’ drummer Raymund Marasigan also answered fans' queries, admitting that he is not aware of any plans about reuniting.

“Let’s just address it here para isang sagutan na lang - one, I do not know of anything. If it’s anything about the 'Heads playing together, my policy is tell me about it when I’m ready to sign and rehearse,” Marasigan explained. 

He also said Buendia’s response on Twitter was a calculated tweet and must be read deeper: “Sometimes, the meaning is beyond the tweet.”

Asked if it is okay that the iconic band is being tagged politically, Marasigan answered: “I don't think it was a band thing. Personally, I don't think about it, I don't think about it politically, I thought it was funny.”

Buendia was asked numerous times on Twitter about the possibility of seeing the band together again, and he gave three answers. 

Aside from Robredo’s presidential run, he also said “Jesus should come back” before it becomes possible for them to reunite.

Buendia also said IV of Spades, which took a break as a group last year, should get together first.

The Eraserheads disbanded in 2002 with Buendia’s departure, after 13 years.

The last time the band performed together was in 2016 for a mini-set that included their hit "Maling Akala" as well as "Popmachine" and "Poor Man's Grave."

In 2018, it was rumored that the band was getting back together to perform during the UAAP men's basketball finals. Buendia, however, firmly ruled out any hopes for that to happen at that time. 

Several months later, or in June 2019, Buendia again denied that there was any reunion happening. -- with reports from MJ Felipe, ABS-CBN News