Charlie Puth shares why PH played an important role in his music

MJ Felipe, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 07 2022 04:31 PM

'Left and Right' hitmaker Charlie Puth. ABS-CBN News
'Left and Right' hitmaker Charlie Puth. ABS-CBN News

Weeks before the October 7 release of his much-awaited self-titled album “CHARLIE,” the American singer shared some interesting and entertaining anecdotes on his thought and writing process on some the tracks in his third album. 

"The album is born in the internet," he said. "I said that because it’s not like I’m looking for critiques and things to use for making the album, but it was almost like performing for people when I was making the album.’ 

If you’re a Gen Z and a fan of TikTok, I’m sure you’ve caught a Charlie Puth video experimenting on random sounds, putting it together and instantly creating a hook or a melody for a track. Like the song "LightSwitch" where he, literally, used the sound of the light switch to jumpstart the hook of the song. 

With the song "Left and Right," Puth played with the way you hear music when you enable and disable both sides of the speakers. Even the way a door squeaks when you open and close it became the melody for the song "No More Drama."

For non-songwriters like most of us, Puth made it look way too cool and easy to do. 

The 12-track album spans a good 33 minutes, with an average track time of three minutes per song. But when you look at the titles alone, you’ll already notice the common thread of the songs -- it’s a bit sad. 

Puth explained: ‘Sad, humor. Self-deprecating, not taking yourself to seriously type of music, which I think people will relate to. And just to show that I have real emotions just like anybody else and people will listen to this album and kinda relate to me."

But the mood wasn’t sad at all, especially when he started playing around with his piano during the intimate press conference and gala night organized by the Singapore Tourism Board and Warner Music. He played Puth classics like "Attention," "See you Again" and fresh tracks from the new album including the global hit "Left and Right," which he recorded with 1/7th of the BTS supergroup, Jungkook. 

‘I knew it would be something, 'coz I put in one of the biggest singers in the world in it. But I didn’t know that it would go the distance like it’s gone so far. Seems to be getting bigger and more familiar everyday," Puth said. 

He has seen all the TikTok dance videos, knows the little dance routine but has no idea who started the craze. "I didn’t make that dance though, I want to find out the person who made that," he said.

Puth last visited Manila in 2016. I reminded him of our interview where he revealed that he just finished "We Don’t Talk Anymore" in his hotel room. His eyes opened with amusement and quickly recalled why the Philippines plays such an important part of his music. 

He said: "(I remember) Just how warm everybody is. How community-driven, everybody sticks together. I remember driving around the city, people sitting in the park, in a circle, the family but even non-family members everybody is there, and that made me happy to see." 

"I can’t wait to see them. I know it’s quite some time but I can’t wait to write the next ‘We Don't Talk Anymore’ in the Philippines because I always seem to have some success of creativity based in the Philippines. I think that’s in part because people are so kind," added Puth. 

Puth promises to visit Manila next year when he kicks off his tour again in Asia.