VIRAL: 'Annabelle' prank terrifies maids


Posted at Oct 08 2014 01:35 AM | Updated as of Oct 08 2014 09:35 AM

MANILA - A video of an elaborate prank featuring the killer doll in "Annabelle," which hit local cinemas last Wednesday, is now making rounds online.

The nearly 11-minute video shows unsuspecting domestic workers hired to clean a room inside a mansion. A woman who acts as the caretaker briefs them about the owners of the house, hinting on what is about to unfold.

She says in Brazilian: "This house has been closed for a long time. The owners are traveling. Because they lost a child, they decided to live for a while in Europe, but are coming back tomorrow."

The workers are told that the room they are to clean was the child's bedroom.

In the room, of course, is the diabolical doll Annabelle sitting on a chair.

It doesn't take long before the elaborately set-up prank pulls out all its tricks -- an invisible baby crying, falling books, a phonograph playing, Annabelle levitating, and a demon figure appearing -- all scenes lifted from the movie.

The video, uploaded last Sunday, had over 1.3 million views, as of writing.

It was produced by "Câmera Escondida" (Hidden Camera), a program of Brazilian TV network SBT, which earlier came up with similar pranks officially tied to the release of horror films "Chucky" and "Carrie."